17 February 2006

the Linguistics Department is dangerous

by Cecily
I fell down the stairs (ahem. ONE stupid stair) and broke myself.
ankle in cast
Well, it's not really broken, it is just a stupid sprain. But it hurts! And I can't walk! And I am very bored!

Boo, hoo.

13 February 2006

Valentine's Day

by Cecily
One of my mom's art students (a seven-year-old) made this Valentine's Day card for his little second-grade art student sweetheart last year. It's a pretty good valentine, although maybe not one I myself would really care to receive:

"Dear Marina,
If you have another Valentine's then that's O.K. I just want to be your Love, don't worry about that. Yeah so me and Julie are leaving to Hawaii so by[e] now I miss you."

Then, you will notice, there is a drawing of Cupid flying around, saying "be patient and think"

which is good advice for all of us, but again, not what I would prefer to hear from my Valentine and/or Love while he is on his way to Hawaii with some other girl.

child's drawing

02 February 2006