26 December 2006

Merry holiday seasonal greetings!

by Cecily
Montana is cold, but rainy. Rainy and cold. So was Minnesota, come to think of it. I hate global warming and all the resulting global-freezing-raining.

Christmas around here involved a lot of piratical items, a lot of cookies, and a lot of eggnog. And, as always, a lot of me sitting around drinking coffee and reading murder mysteries. Hooray!

19 December 2006

planes, trains and automobiles

by Cecily
except really it's just planes, planes, and then some more planes. I just realized that due to dumb planning on my part, I am spending an entire month where I am never in one place for more than five days. That started on December 4th: I was in Florianopolis for 4 days and then at the beach for 4 days. Now I'm in DC for 5 days. Tomorrow I leave for Minneapolis, for 4 days, and then Missoula for 5 days and then Minneapolis again for 4 more days.

I'm feeling kind of panicky about it all, I would like to just take a nap now. Or a bath! But I can't take a bath, because it hurts my sunburn too much.

This is the worst sunburn ever. On my back. It is from one whole week ago and it is now all disgusting and peeling all over me and sometimes bleeding a little bit. Was that more information than you really wanted? Sorry. At least you don't have to look at it and feel it like I make all my real-life friends do.

Anyway. Do you live in Minnesota? Call me! I'm coming to see you tomorrow!

15 December 2006

back in the USSR. I mean the USA

by Cecily
I'm home. I'm very, very tired. Goodnight.

14 December 2006

au revoir, Brazil

by Cecily
I'm in the airport at Sao Paulo. I am very tired and bored of standing in lines. Also my back hurts. Also it hurts even more than usual because it is sunburnt to a crisp. And so is Lindsay. I am a real trooper though and I have barely even complained once. Lindsay, however, complains ALL THE TIME.

Ha ha! Really, I was just kidding. Nobody around here complains EVER.

I will arrive in Miami at some ungodly hour of the morning and then arrive in our nation's lovely capitol at 10. Rock and roll!

07 December 2006


by Cecily
Well I'm in Brazil. It is very pretty and the coffee is delicious. The keyboard is a tiny bit different but it's enough to make typing things tedious. And we all know how I feel about tediousness*, so I probably won't type that many things on the internet.

I am in the city of Florianopolis on the island of Santa Catarina. It's kind of rainy around here but warm and summery. And also there are lots of Christmas decorations which is disorienting for me.

My conference is very interesting and I am practicing all kinds of languages, but mostly I am practicing spelling things in British Sign Language which is tricky but fun. Also I learned how to say "coffee", "milk", "sugar", "yes" and "no" in Brazilian Sign Language, which are mostly the only words I really need. As soon as I learn "beer" I will be all set.

*I am opposed to it.

04 December 2006


by Cecily
aerial photograph of Florianopolis, Brasil