27 August 2007

Education, thought control, dark sarcasm

by Cecily
Hello! It is time to go back to school again!

Yes, that means it is time for another round of staring and glaring contests with the people in the offices in the school. This time I am going to bring flowers to everyone and smile sweetly and do as I am told without complaining.

Ha ha!

I don't actually have any classes until Wednesday. Which is good because it gives me lots of time to run around campus signing things, drink coffee, and complain loudly and in very big signs to anyone who will listen.

Meanwhile, in other whining-related news, it keeps being over 100 around here. With all kinds of dewpoints and humidities that make it all worse. These Founding Fathers were not all that bright, building the capital in a swamp. If you ask me. Which no one really has done, yet, but preemptive action is the new black, so let's not get all bogged down in details.

Okay. I'm off to deal with school, books, and dirty looks. See you.

13 August 2007

Missoula, Montana: A place, sort of.

by Cecily
All my favorite friends were in Missoula last weekend, doing all my favorite activities. Like drinking beer and floating on the river and eating meat. I am very sad that I was not there.

Here is another example of what Missoula is like:

Little kid: Hey, you want to come to my birthday party? It's all about hunting and killing and stuff.
TA: Um, I'll think about it.
Little kid: Listen, your mom isn't your boss anymore.

Sherwood Street
Missoula, Montana

via Overheard in the Office, Jun 26, 2007

05 August 2007

The BBC wins again

by Cecily
The BBC website has the best headlines of anyone. They are even better than all the tabloids. At least the tabloids I've seen. Which isn't that many, I guess, really.

Anyway. Because the BBC is a Respectable News Source! And they STILL have these crazy headlines!


Crisis at potato disease farm

Polygamous lesbians flee Sharia

Police force-feed 50 bananas to thief to expel stolen necklace (The headline was on the front page, linking to this article).

Also, the articles are pretty crazy, too. My favorite.

04 August 2007

Weather. Yum!

by Cecily
Here's what I like: when the overnight low is 76 degrees.*

My favorite!

UPDATE: Tonight? 88! 88 is the low!

*by "like" I mean "don't like at all"