30 December 2007

Slovenia has very good graffiti

by Cecily
T-Rex head with speech bubble saying
this photo (plus others at flickr) by Michael

I'll be back in DC tomorrow. See you around!

26 December 2007

it's a pretty fun game.

by Cecily
So, I'm in Trieste with some various members of my family. Yesterday was very calm and unAmerican; we had dinner (lunch) at a restaurant and then played bridge in the apartment. I drank way too much wine and did not win at the card game. A good time was had by all.

During dinner my sister introduced to us another game which we played for a really really long time. In this game, somebody thinks of something, and then everybody else thinks of something, and then everybody else says what their thing is, and then the first person says what their thing is, and then the first person decides which of the other things is most similar to their (the first person's) thing and says why.

Then it the person who thought of that's turn to go next.

I could probably explain that more clearly, but instead I will give you an example:

Cecily: okay I have one.
Michael: window
Nancy: air
Regan: Dresden
Ben: vessels
Jocelyn: the Little Mermaid
Cecily: okay, it's Alcatraz.

This was a hard one and it came down to being a battle between Dresden and the Little Mermaid, Dresden because it is a place and a town and the locus for much heartbreak and strife, and the mermaid because she sits on a rock in the ocean. But then I suddenly realized that my sister and my dad had totally been monopolizing the game, and on reflection I realized too that vessels can hold stuff, and so can Alcatraz. So the round went to Ben.

It's a pretty fun game.

22 December 2007


by Cecily
Hey! I'm in Italy. I didn't miss any of my connecting flights and none of my bags were lost or delayed. Woo Christmas!

10 December 2007

democracy, whiskey, sexy!

by Cecily
We had a 4th of July party here on Saturday. It was very fun. Pictures on flickr; I have to write a paper now.
Darcy, Lindsay, and me in red white and blue outfits

05 December 2007

The south is so weird.

by Cecily
It's been snowing like crazy all day. I like it! But here's the thing: there are all these people running around outside, in the snow, with UMBRELLAS.

My disdain, as usual, is almost boundless.

In other news: School is almost over, and I am going to Italy for Christmas. Hooray for me!

update: visual aid!
very snowy District