10 January 2010

Violent cuddlers welcome

by Cecily
If I were looking for a place to live in Montreal, I would answer this ad:

I need fucking beasts of people, if you are timid you'd better be a real sweetie or have some goddamned amazing superpowers. This is a house of people who have each others backs and I'd like for it to stay this way, familial and feral. I will take care of you. Sometimes we fight each other for fun, sometimes we all sleep in the same bed. Someone tried to mug me last night and I broke his nose-- I'd do the same to someone trying to mug you.

[...]If you like some of these things you might be perfect for this house: plants, boats, junk, bikes, board games, stirling engines, cult films, math & science, puppets, drawing, cooking, sewing, knives, comics, history, bones, dumpstering, reading, being outside, making fireworks and booze and fermented foods.

from Best of Craigslist (link removed to reduce comment spam)

04 January 2010


by Cecily
Spinnery, spunnery,
Cosmical Irony:
Puns are beloved from
Maine to Brazil.

"It is a punishment"
Tom said, while gagging, "that
makes me quite ill."

(Rfts helped with the scansion and rhyme.)