29 December 2009

bounce, bounce, woof

by Cecily
The dog would really like to play with a cat or kitten, but hasn't had any takers so far.


27 December 2009

hey double dactyl-y

by Cecily
my sister's here, with her dog, so I made a poem about them:

Diggerel doggerel
Sad Scruffleupagus
worries and whines as he
waits by the door

ever since Jocelyn
put on her jacket and
went to the store.

When Jocelyn's here, he just stares directly at her. Or sleeps. WHO'S A GOOD DOG? WHO'S A GOOD DOG?

20 December 2009

The government stole my weather

by Cecily
I'm in Montana, where it has been freezing raining for DAYS and the skies are cloudy and gray and the weather guy on the teevee is very full of discouraging words. NOT LIKE THE SONG SAYS AT ALL.

Meanwhile, everyone in stupid DC gets snowball fights and hot cocoa and camaraderie. And they don't even have any mountains to ski on! I hope the Constitution Gods get their act together real quick like and put the snow back where it belongs, or about 50% of my packing will have been a total waste.

15 December 2009

But who would bring a SADDLE on an airplane? Come on, Delta. Don't be silly.

by Cecily
I'm getting ready to leave for Missoula, and since Our Dear Overlords keep changing up the rules for air travel, I went online to see what I could see.

It turns out that if you want to check any "Fragile/bulky items" on a Delta flight, you have to tell an official ahead of time.

Well, this seems reasonable! (I may or may not have said to myself,) But I wonder what type of item would fit into this somewhat vague category? Never fear; Delta has a handy list of examples of fragile and/or bulky items:

- saddle
- antlers
- Hawaiian pineapples
- military duffle bags

as well as a more comprehensive list including

- Ornamental Bric-a-Brac


- Meters

both of which are a little confusing to me: the first seems extremely unhelpful as the name of an "item", and the second, I have no idea what the referent might be. Parking meters? Yardsticks?

Anyway, I'm hoping if I stick the Hawaiian pineapples on the antler points, and then stick the whole thing into the military duffle bag, I can get away with a single charge.

14 December 2009

three's the charm, right?

by Cecily
Elizabeth got some kittens:

which is sparking all kinds of ill-advised wishes and plans in me. We already have two cats, and they hate each other. They really hate each other. They've lived together for 4 years, with no signs that the hatred is abating.

So my theory is, we should get a helpless baby kitten to melt their somewhat-disordered adult cat thinking, and then we will all be a cuddly happy family. Except first I'll probably borrow one of Elizabeth's kittens to make sure that Small can tell the difference between a baby kitten and a baby rabbit, because she will totally kill a baby rabbit and leave it on the floor of my room for a present. And that would ruin the cuddly happy family vibe that I'm going for, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway I've been spending all my time sitting around at Elizabeth's constructing cat toys out of paper and ignoring my responsibilities. Next stop: the Frozen North. Hasta.