30 May 2009

jiggety jig

by Cecily
Here's what I did yesterday:

automobile: hotel to train
train: Orsay to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport
plane: CDG to JFK
automobile: JFK to LGA
plane: LGA to DCA
automobile: Washington Reagan International Airport to home

Because of thunderstorms in DC, all my planes out of New York kept getting delayed and cancelled. I was in transit for 24 hours! Now I am sitting on my couch and am never getting up ever again. Somebody bring me some more coffee please.

24 May 2009

Bonjour mon petit bureau de change

by Cecily
I'm in France. This is my theme song:


Today, Paris. Tomorrow, Orsay. Au revoir!

22 May 2009

Different parts of this are embarrassing for different people

by Cecily
I am in the airport waiting to go to Paris. I bought a book. The book is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies "by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith".

It was in the "classics" section of the airport bookstore.

Also I bought a book that tells me French pickup lines: Est-ce que tu as [un petit ami] [une petite amie] [un f├ętiche] [du feu]?*

Watch out, France.

*Do you have a [boyfriend] [girlfriend] [fetish] [light]?

20 May 2009


by Cecily
I was in the other Washington for the past week- Seattle and Bellingham are as delightful as ever. I saw Jocelyn and Brayde and Lindsay and Adam and Liz, and they all are looking spectacularly healthy and attractive. But Lindsay and Brayde are married now, so hands off.

Now I'm back in this Washington, the Sweaty Armpit Capital City of America. The first, but never let it be said only, Washington.

And on Friday I'm going to Paris (well, really, Orsay) for a workshop. A workshop about phonetics and signed languages. I will be presenting an hour long talk about Natural Classes and Phonetics and Acquisition. Are you frantic to learn more? Please email me directly, as I fear the general public eschews lengthy discussions of phonetics presentations.

Anyway, I am busy doing a billion things at the same time right now. Renewing my truck registration, purchasing travel-sized shampoos, doing my laundry, etc. But as soon as this trip is over, it's Summer with a capital S and that rhymes with Sleeping In And Then Spending All Day By The Pool Except When I'm Blogging. So you'll be hearing a lot from me shortly.

08 May 2009


by Cecily
I am way behind on all kinds of dissertation-type activities, so I spent the last two days building a giant castle out of cardboard for Gryphon's birthday.

This picture is from last night, before I painted it all green and purple and iridescent. And put tops and crenellations on the towers. Now it looks like this:

Some things need more iridescent paint, obviously. And maybe some flags and banners and more glitter. Clearly I need to spend many more hours working on this project before I have time for anything else.

01 May 2009

Dear Internet,

by Cecily
I have been in a terrible mood for the past two weeks. My birthday was over, and it was the end of the semester, and I was very ill. But then I got better and I spent the evening tonight with two friends, drinking whiskey out of teacups and eating artichokes and watching silly television shows and internet versions of The State. It is still the end of the semester, but now I feel much better about the world. So I hope you all are well, and I will tell you something entertaining soon.