24 November 2008

more on mice, mamas

by Cecily
From an email my mother sent a month-ish ago:

I don't think of myself in general as a courageous person, but this trip has forced me to deal with a few phobia issues:

1. I can get on escalators almost casually most of the time.

2. I am fairly nonchalant about using the public facilities

3. Last night was a special dinner for the president of the University where the training is taking place- in a posh hotel, big round table with a lazy susan of thirty or forty dishes in the middle. Jim was sitting between me and the president, and a new dish came around. The president leaned over and said to us,

"You must try this special Xian dish. We call it mouse legs."

Split second decision against the allergy excuse ("Oh I'm very allergic to mice?") It might work but I had already used it on things I am actually allergic to, and it sounds thin. Plus Cecily would never let me live it down.) So, I dished some up and ate it. It was delicious. Also it was just mushrooms, so maybe it doesn't count, but I feel very macho about it.

Jim wasn't paying too much attention because he had been chosen by the chief professor to play the "Gambei!" game on behalf of all the Americans. So he had to stand up and match this guy drink for drink, and down three beers in quick sucession. This is the genteel academic version, limited to three and using beer instead of the usual grain alcolhol.

So it seems like they are having fun.

(Anticlimactically and disappointingly for us all, in case you missed it, there were no mice. There were only mushrooms.)

Confidential to my family: I think I succeeded in guilt-tripping Jocelyn and Michael into coming to Christmas! Congratulate me at will.

23 November 2008

my homework is not finished

by Cecily
so here's another movie for you, dears.

I will think about a transcript/description later. Sorry to those of you who are excluded in the meantime.

19 November 2008

if you tell me a saying about idle hands, I will SCREAM

by Cecily
Are you bored? Do you need something to look at on the internet? Well I am here to help, as always. Look at this crazy video! It's some Australian musician simcomming in English and ASL for most of the song. So there's probably something to say about that, you know, politically and linguistically and whatnot. You guys all feel free to do so.

I, however, mainly care about watching 1:15 - 2:25 over and over and over. This is where the best thing ever to happen, happens. I won't spoil the surprise except to say that my favorite is the squirrel. And the snakes. And the trees and the dog and everything else about this section who wants to make a movie with me!?!?

Sia | Soon We'll Be Found from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

via The Gimp Parade where there is also smart political discussion and a full description and the lyrics

(if it seems like I never do anything but put links to other people's entertaining videos on here these days, well, you are very perceptive and smart, aren't you? The secret is that my advisor reads this blog and I owe her 5,000 pages of writing and I don't want it to look like I am fooling around too much. HI KRISTIN!)

14 November 2008

10 November 2008

All Hallow's Eve

by Cecily
was fun. First I made some outfits

mid construction

working on a robot

and then I dressed people up in them.


while Alyssa pumpkin-carved

bear in tutu carving pumpkins

And everyone drank drinks

Trojan Horse

and looked pretty

baby in a zebra outfit Wolf, Little Red flamingo!
Robobaby girl dressed as Jean Seberg in Breathless

Pictures stolen from various sources; I was too gluey to use a camera ever. Also more at flickr.

05 November 2008

DC turned into a block party last night

by Cecily
@ the White House, November 4th 2008 from greggish on Vimeo.

this is a pretty fun time to be living in this town.