29 May 2007


by Cecily
Here's what I have been so busy with:

very decorated truck

That and travelling.

New York was excellent as always. Maryland was also excellent. Probably as always, but it was my first time so I don't want to make any reckless pronouncements.

For Memorial Day we had a potluck involving boiling crabs and eating them on the roof. That was messy and delicious. My two favorite ways for something to be!

Next, I'm going to Minnesota. Hopefully that will be messy and delicious too. I'll keep you posted.

hold on!

by Cecily
I have a very good blog entry to write but not right this second. Because I am at work now. The reason I didn't write it before is that I am extremely lazy and irresponsible. Also I went to New York last week (to hang out with Chris Koza and JoAnna James, among other fantastic people) and then I had to rush back to leave again right away for Annapolis to go to a big huge crazy party. There was a moon bounce!

Then I had to sit around my house for two days doing nothing. And like I said, now I am at a computer where I don't have access to all of the visual aids I will need for this exciting new post, so you will just have to hold on tightly to the edges of your seats and anticipate for a few more hours. Don't explode! Go have an orange juice popsicle or something while you wait.

17 May 2007

politics, elephants, due respect

by Cecily
Julie posted the text of my speech at deafdc.com and now there's a very entertaining comment thread. All about... well, not actually about anything, as is wont to happen with comment threads on blogs. Anyway, Bert has inspired me to think of a catch phrase for my own comments. I'm thinking of ending every post with "So there!" from now on. Or maybe someone else has another suggestion?

So there!

16 May 2007

Constitution City

by Cecily
I had to go to Georgetown yesterday to do an errand. That place is very time-warp-y. It is full of tiny attractive old houses, with all their little small doorways and intricate, cracked wooden carving. I was walking on 28th street between P and M and I kept expecting some colonial housewives to come out the front door and empty a pan of water into the street or something. (Why do I think this is what colonial housewives would do? I have no idea.)

It is very different from the other parts of this city, like for example all the gigantic monument areas where the buildings are on a 3-to-1 scale and bright white and are subtly illuminated at night so nobody forgets that they are in Our Nation's Fine Capital.

In a few hundred years, after the apocalypse has come and when Charleton Heston comes stumbling through the ruins to find out what kind of planet this used to be, everyone is going to think that Washington was once populated by a ruling class of giants who loved white marble and were served by an underling class of very small people who loved antique furniture and organic vegetables.

I am willing to consider selling this idea to a movie company. Call me!

12 May 2007

ta da!

by Cecily
linguistics 2007 department photo (minus a few professors)

07 May 2007

more fame

by Cecily
I'm going to be one of the commencement speakers on Friday. You can watch it online here. I don't really know when during the whole thing it will be my turn though, so make sure you are provided with some snacks and crossword puzzles to get you through all the tedium.

The ceremony starts at 1:30 my time. People who live in Washington DC, get ready to take me out for a drink afterwards!

04 May 2007

I may not have gotten enough sleep lately

by Cecily
Today, I am sneezing a lot, and this song is stuck in my head:


I am the sick Cebu. Achoo mumu achoo mumu achoo mumu achoo mumu cebu. (Because of the sneezing only. I think it's allergies really. Stupid spring.)

I turned in all my schoolwork and immediately became embroiled in yet another battle with the geniuses in the Student Accounting Office. They have something against me, down there in that office, and their attempts to thwart me are unceasing. I may or may not actually graduate, depending on who is victorious in this current tussle.

Regardless: I am finished! Hooray! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the celebrating! I am going to run around doing all kinds of fun activities tonight: My one favorite friend is gathering a crowd at Madam's Organ for dancing and making merry, and my other favorite friend is having a Mustachio Bashio (it's a party, a party where everyone must wear a mustache) and it is time to start work on the 48-hour-film-project costuming. Plus mostly, it is time for general giddiness because did I mention I am finished? I am finished!

02 May 2007

the most exciting chalk message

by Cecily
This was what I encountered when I went out of my house the other day:

picture of my front sidewalk with Will you marry me? Please. written in chalk

It wasn't for me. I don't think.