29 May 2007

hold on!

by Cecily
I have a very good blog entry to write but not right this second. Because I am at work now. The reason I didn't write it before is that I am extremely lazy and irresponsible. Also I went to New York last week (to hang out with Chris Koza and JoAnna James, among other fantastic people) and then I had to rush back to leave again right away for Annapolis to go to a big huge crazy party. There was a moon bounce!

Then I had to sit around my house for two days doing nothing. And like I said, now I am at a computer where I don't have access to all of the visual aids I will need for this exciting new post, so you will just have to hold on tightly to the edges of your seats and anticipate for a few more hours. Don't explode! Go have an orange juice popsicle or something while you wait.

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