04 May 2007

I may not have gotten enough sleep lately

by Cecily
Today, I am sneezing a lot, and this song is stuck in my head:


I am the sick Cebu. Achoo mumu achoo mumu achoo mumu achoo mumu cebu. (Because of the sneezing only. I think it's allergies really. Stupid spring.)

I turned in all my schoolwork and immediately became embroiled in yet another battle with the geniuses in the Student Accounting Office. They have something against me, down there in that office, and their attempts to thwart me are unceasing. I may or may not actually graduate, depending on who is victorious in this current tussle.

Regardless: I am finished! Hooray! Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the celebrating! I am going to run around doing all kinds of fun activities tonight: My one favorite friend is gathering a crowd at Madam's Organ for dancing and making merry, and my other favorite friend is having a Mustachio Bashio (it's a party, a party where everyone must wear a mustache) and it is time to start work on the 48-hour-film-project costuming. Plus mostly, it is time for general giddiness because did I mention I am finished? I am finished!


  1. Those Christian vegetables FREAK ME OUT!!

  2. Don't be scared, they're not that bad. At least not in the silly songs, I guess I never actually watch any of the parts where they are all prosyletizing and devout. I only watch the ones about cebus or lost hairbrushes.

    What ever happened to your persimmon costume request? And what!? are you doing in Japan?

  3. Thanks, now the song of the cebu is in my head as well.