16 May 2007

Constitution City

by Cecily
I had to go to Georgetown yesterday to do an errand. That place is very time-warp-y. It is full of tiny attractive old houses, with all their little small doorways and intricate, cracked wooden carving. I was walking on 28th street between P and M and I kept expecting some colonial housewives to come out the front door and empty a pan of water into the street or something. (Why do I think this is what colonial housewives would do? I have no idea.)

It is very different from the other parts of this city, like for example all the gigantic monument areas where the buildings are on a 3-to-1 scale and bright white and are subtly illuminated at night so nobody forgets that they are in Our Nation's Fine Capital.

In a few hundred years, after the apocalypse has come and when Charleton Heston comes stumbling through the ruins to find out what kind of planet this used to be, everyone is going to think that Washington was once populated by a ruling class of giants who loved white marble and were served by an underling class of very small people who loved antique furniture and organic vegetables.

I am willing to consider selling this idea to a movie company. Call me!

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