31 August 2008

fancy! new! house!

by Cecily
all right I found my camera, and the charger, and the batteries, and the USB cord. Finally! Let me show you around.

Here is the lovely, lovely living room. With the moody, moody Pipi modeling our nice green couch for you.
living room

Here's the living room from the other end of the room.

living room!

then there's a little other room with a television in it:
little room

the hallways all have crazy track lighting.
hallway downstairs

I should probably clean the kitchen up a little more at some point.

Upstairs, there is some more unpacking to be done. Also we need some more bookshelves.
upstairs hall

Alyssa's room is blue, and has a balcony.
AP's room

Mine doesn't have a balcony, but it is gigantic.
my hall

I need more shelves in here too.
especially messily

That's all. Unless you want to look at the living room again! Oh you do? All right. Here you are. Your wish is my command.

living room

27 August 2008

Washington DC's a funny little town

by Cecily
All the important people went to Denver, so the city is full of sad, forlorn left-behinds leaning against buildings and saying halves of sentences about how they should probably go find a television and watch the convention. And sighing.

Not me though. I spend my time watching the convention trying to decide who looks like what movie star and what I would have dressed them all in if I were the Boss of All Outfits.

Also, school started. Kind of. Business Registration was eerily fast; there was no waiting in line and no fighting. Not even a surreptitious rude roll of an eye. I waltzed out to Elizabeth's car and couldn't think of anything to complain about. Not ONE. I think I'm becoming docile in my old age.

I have lots of things to read and then, I suppose, write about. Maybe I'll do that after I finish sketching designs for Halloween costumes for everyone I know.

In the works:
Venus Fly Trap (refurbished and improved)
something dramatic with UV pens and lights
singing bass (or trout) (also I am not so sure about this one)

(Cecily you have to do your homework!)

(Shh! I am busy right now!) okay who needs me to make them a Halloween costume? Call me!

20 August 2008

why I have 2,000 boxes of stuff

by Cecily
small glass cutting tool

Mom: Hey do you need a glass cutter? Do you ever cut glass?
Me: well, no, but if I had a glass cutter I might! Yeah I'll take it.

I'm mailing two boxes to myself. Full of things I acquired during the past two weeks. I'm telling you, I can't help it!

Also, in my defense (?) I would like you to note the fact that my mother just happened to have an extra glass cutter lying around that she was trying to pawn off on someone. So (a) I'm helping! and (b) it's genetic, leave me alone!

Plus also, hey, let me know if you need any glass cut. I'm your man, for a price!

16 August 2008


by Cecily
My friends Tom and Lindsay and Eli have a lovebird. It is a Peach Faced Lovebird. Its name is Peaches (probably because of how it is peach faced. I'm just guessing).

Anyway it likes me and while I am trying to do important things like drink wine and play Bridge it keeps interrupting me to bite my ears and give me creepy little lovebird kisses.


by Cecily
I have papers and syllabi and reading lists to finish, so instead I've been making little dragons out of felt:

this one on Thursday
red needle-felted dragon on black background

and this one yesterday
green needle-felted dragon on black background

they aren't very big but I like them.
two needlefelted dragons and a hand

13 August 2008

fancy hair

by Cecily
in between eating Thai food, watching the hacky-sack-ers, and staring at waterskippers was this: I spent 30 minutes twisting my hair into this exciting shape.

Montana, Montana, glory of the West

by Cecily
of all the states from coast to coast you're easily the best!

Does everybody have to learn crazy state pride songs in elementary school? Or just those of us in what is objectively actually the best state?

Montana, Montana, where skies are always blue

I remember getting into a heated debate with someone when I was like 10 about the dumbness of that line. Skies are not always blue! Skies are often cloudy! We finally agreed that it is true that the skies are always blue ABOVE the clouds, but then, that is true everywhere and is not really one of the traits that makes Montana the best state. You know, objectively speaking. So those song writers were doing false advertising and should be reprimanded.

M-O-N-T-A-N-A Montana I love you!

I have had a series of increasingly excellent and very lazy days. I am sunburnt and I have read several murder mysteries and drunk several times my weight in coffee and beer. I went swimming in the river yesterday and I'll probably go again today. Then maybe read another murder mystery. It's a hard knock life out here in the Wild West.

08 August 2008

Don't fence me in

by Cecily
I'm at my mama's house in Montana. As it turns out, everyone else in the universe is also here this weekend including my bestest friend Melissa and my favorite rock star Chris Koza and all my siblings and all my parents and some assorted aunts and uncles and cousins and dogs. Watch out, Missoula.

03 August 2008

I so sorry

by Cecily
Internet! I've missed you! But not enough to sit down with you for a heart to heart! But don't take that personally I am very lazy and irresponsible in general! It's not you, it's me!

Here's what's up: many people keep coming to town. Washington DC is a bizarrely popular travel destination. Hey visitors! It's a SWAMP! Go someplace NICE for your vacation! Except don't really, I want you to come here and visit me. Please!

Anyway I've seen some aunts and uncles and cousins and my dad and my stepdad and multiple out of town friends. More of whom are showing up maybe tomorrow or maybe Tuesday. Also I'm going to Montana for two weeks, on Thursday, so I have to deal with all that that entails.

Plus, also, yesterday I moved into a new house! (well. I wheedled, coaxed, and lured a lot of my very nice friends into moving me into a new house. If we want to take a good hard look at what really happened. My friends are so nice and good. Hi friends!)

So we got a whole lotta unpacking and cleaning and rearranging to do. Oh my goodness, internet, my new house is so pretty though. So we also got a whole lot of sitting around gloating to do. I'll show you some pictures when I find out where I put my camera.

All right I'm a busy lady. Catch you on the flip side. The flip side of what? I don't know that. The flip side of something though! That's where I'll catch you! Bye!