13 August 2008

Montana, Montana, glory of the West

by Cecily
of all the states from coast to coast you're easily the best!

Does everybody have to learn crazy state pride songs in elementary school? Or just those of us in what is objectively actually the best state?

Montana, Montana, where skies are always blue

I remember getting into a heated debate with someone when I was like 10 about the dumbness of that line. Skies are not always blue! Skies are often cloudy! We finally agreed that it is true that the skies are always blue ABOVE the clouds, but then, that is true everywhere and is not really one of the traits that makes Montana the best state. You know, objectively speaking. So those song writers were doing false advertising and should be reprimanded.

M-O-N-T-A-N-A Montana I love you!

I have had a series of increasingly excellent and very lazy days. I am sunburnt and I have read several murder mysteries and drunk several times my weight in coffee and beer. I went swimming in the river yesterday and I'll probably go again today. Then maybe read another murder mystery. It's a hard knock life out here in the Wild West.


  1. Cecily! I am also in the West. Compared to you, however, I am doing the following: spending more time on trains, and less time in rivers. I may be competing with you in coffee consumption, but as I found out last night drinking beers at 5000+ feet leads very quickly to drunkenness.

    Enjoy your decadent vacation!

  2. It was too cold to go swimming today (what! it was TOO COLD to do something? that sounds like the definition of decadence!) so we just lay around on the rocks and watched waterskippers eat other dead bugs. Plus I bought some fancy paper. Because I did not have enough fancy paper yet, contrary to all the haters in my moving crew.

    Just kidding! I love you moving crew! But I wasn't kidding about buying fancy paper, I really did that. Also my mama is giving me a bunch more raw wool and foam blocks for needle felting. It's my stuff! I NEED IT!

  3. River swimming?? That's the best swimming of all!

  4. TOO fun, catch a minnow or two for me!