16 August 2008


by Cecily
My friends Tom and Lindsay and Eli have a lovebird. It is a Peach Faced Lovebird. Its name is Peaches (probably because of how it is peach faced. I'm just guessing).

Anyway it likes me and while I am trying to do important things like drink wine and play Bridge it keeps interrupting me to bite my ears and give me creepy little lovebird kisses.


  1. my mom used to have a set of lovebirds- they were not so loving, though they were pretty. peaches is quite lovely and you can tell your friends i approve of their friendly bird.

  2. Aww, how loving of that lovebird to give you repeated kisses as you work so diligently on what ever it is you are working on... those are my favorite glasses too! i love them and i love you.

  3. Come back to Minnesota. Percy can give you kisses, then say “I love you”, then say “poop” before she does so on your beloved shirt (or after she does so.. it’s a work in progress).