03 August 2008

I so sorry

by Cecily
Internet! I've missed you! But not enough to sit down with you for a heart to heart! But don't take that personally I am very lazy and irresponsible in general! It's not you, it's me!

Here's what's up: many people keep coming to town. Washington DC is a bizarrely popular travel destination. Hey visitors! It's a SWAMP! Go someplace NICE for your vacation! Except don't really, I want you to come here and visit me. Please!

Anyway I've seen some aunts and uncles and cousins and my dad and my stepdad and multiple out of town friends. More of whom are showing up maybe tomorrow or maybe Tuesday. Also I'm going to Montana for two weeks, on Thursday, so I have to deal with all that that entails.

Plus, also, yesterday I moved into a new house! (well. I wheedled, coaxed, and lured a lot of my very nice friends into moving me into a new house. If we want to take a good hard look at what really happened. My friends are so nice and good. Hi friends!)

So we got a whole lotta unpacking and cleaning and rearranging to do. Oh my goodness, internet, my new house is so pretty though. So we also got a whole lot of sitting around gloating to do. I'll show you some pictures when I find out where I put my camera.

All right I'm a busy lady. Catch you on the flip side. The flip side of what? I don't know that. The flip side of something though! That's where I'll catch you! Bye!


  1. glad to help-- hahaha, yeah, that wasn't really funny. but if it makes you feel better, i got packing and unpacking to do as well. :) mwah

  2. yay for moving to a new place! i'm weird, i love to pack, move, and unpack. it's a very cleansing experience. add some painting and i'm in heaven! like i said, i'm weird. sorry to miss the fun! can't wait to see pictures! xo