31 August 2008

fancy! new! house!

by Cecily
all right I found my camera, and the charger, and the batteries, and the USB cord. Finally! Let me show you around.

Here is the lovely, lovely living room. With the moody, moody Pipi modeling our nice green couch for you.
living room

Here's the living room from the other end of the room.

living room!

then there's a little other room with a television in it:
little room

the hallways all have crazy track lighting.
hallway downstairs

I should probably clean the kitchen up a little more at some point.

Upstairs, there is some more unpacking to be done. Also we need some more bookshelves.
upstairs hall

Alyssa's room is blue, and has a balcony.
AP's room

Mine doesn't have a balcony, but it is gigantic.
my hall

I need more shelves in here too.
especially messily

That's all. Unless you want to look at the living room again! Oh you do? All right. Here you are. Your wish is my command.

living room


  1. wow! you guys did GOOD! It looks gorgeous and about a million times better than your last abode. :)

  2. your place it GREAT!! i love it! yay for a new apartment!

  3. I know! The walls aren't moldy or ANYTHING! We don't really know what to do with ourselves.

  4. Your new house looks gorgeous!

  5. byooteeful, cecily! Movin on up... to the east siiiide....