02 September 2008

she was right; eating IS pretty exciting

by Cecily
Ben's out of town and it was the 4-year-old's first day of big girl school, so I went to pick the baby up from day care. We walked back to my house and sat around watching the news while we waited for Elizabeth to come get her. Also we ate some food.

Oh my goodness, this child LOVES FOOD. I have never seen someone so enthusiastic about mealtime. We had this conversation for 40 minutes:

Cecily: you want a bagel?
Baby: (running into the kitchen and laughing) YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Cecily: want some sausage?
Baby: (maniacal laughter) (signing "more") MORE! YAAAAY! MORE!
Cecily: you thirsty? want a drink?
Baby: (nodding, giggling, blowing kisses) MMMMMMMM!!!!! YAAAY!

Finally she reclined on the pillows, patted her fat 18-month-old tummy, and signed "all done". If she had fallen asleep like that I would have cried from perfection, but instead she lasted 20 seconds and then jumped up to throw more things at the cats and try to wear my cowboy boots.


  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That baby sounds FANTASTIC!

  2. yeah she's pretty swell. Half the time she has a fauxhawk, and when she gets knocked over by (say) her sister or the dog or whoever, she always thinks it's hilarious.

    come drink beer on Elizabeth's porch again soon, and you can meet the whole family!

  3. fantastic!!! and how was her sis's first day of big girl school?! too bad me and ben missed each other-- apparently he was STUCK IN PARAMATTA! AHHHH :)

  4. Well, the dear G came home from her first day speaking chinese - i think that is a good sign!!! how do you like australia lins?

  5. oh so you guys decided on the chinese immersion school?! THATS FABULOUS
    australia is awesome as i knew it would be!!!

  6. cecily, i love this! keep posting! i miss my girls! love, aunt becca