07 September 2008

whiskey in a teacup, giving blondes a bad name, etc

by Cecily
Phoebe came over yesterday and put plaster all over me (to make a dressmaker's dummy of myself so I can make some fancy duds) and then I put plaster all over her (to make a mold for a rubber mask for Halloween and or other purposes). Meanwhile, Elizabeth felted things and the small people took naps and the bigger people drank bourbon out of mismatched teacups.

Then Abby and Ben joined in and we all ate pizza and drank beer (>4 years of age) and juice (<) and watched the Wizard of Oz.

blurry shot of people and children on the orange couch

Here's my plan: somebody ELSE has to let me make a plaster cast of THEIR face. Then I'll make rubber masks of Phoebe and the other person. Then you guys can trade and be each other for Halloween. C'mon guys it'll be awesome and I promise not to suffocate you with the wet plaster, I am totally an old pro at this game.


  1. oooh oooh, pick me! pick me!!

  2. ladies, please. There's plenty of plaster to go around.

    Lindsay you're coming back to the other hemisphere so I can do this project, right? Tell me when your plane gets in, I'll pick you up. Only if it's at National though. Dulles and BWI are for losers.

  3. Cecily, look out your window, I'm knocking on it. I'm already here to get plastered! I brought drinky drink to get plastered that way too!

  4. Mysterious. I don't see anyone out there! You'll have to come back tonight.

    (seriously though do you want a mask of yourself? You and Kirsi can be each other's other other halves!)