23 September 2008

I heart technology

by Cecily
All my classes are independent studies this semester so I mainly do my work at home*. But every once in a while I go to school and today was one of those days. I had a meeting and then found things at the library.

I am so spoiled. And so are you, probably. Did you know people used to have to look things up in books if they wanted to learn about something? I get very annoyed if I have to actually physically move myself or any objects other than a keyboard in the pursuit of knowledge. What! It's not available online! That is the worst thing I have ever heard!

Anyway today I had to have a new kind of library researching adventure: MICROFILM. I hadn't used one of those crazy magnifier reader machines since third grade. I walked up to the desk with my little box of film and a nervous expression and before I even said anything the librarian rushed around to show me how to use all the old school technology.

It was pretty fun. Now I have a lot of things to read. Hasta.

*by which I of course mean Big Bear.


  1. Isn't it even MORE crazy fun to make copies of microfilm? HMMMMM?! GO GO TECHNOLOGY!

  2. I used to catalog microfilm.
    Microfilm of Government Documents from the thirties.

    Those were the days.

  3. Woo Sibling Commentariat! Keep it comin baby.

    (Hi Lindsay I love you too)