03 September 2008

mystery items

by Cecily
My refrigerator is very entertaining. Mainly because phrases that involve time-outs always make me giggle, but also because somebody left a bunch of Drug Detecting Dog All Star Trading Cards at our house last year. We asked everybody and they all denied it.

refrigerator magnets spelling silly things

Other things appear in our house from time to time. Like a hoodie that I wear all the time, and occasionally shoes, and one time a rubber snake. Latestly* is this baseball-style Sports Team hat:

St Louis cardinals hat

is it your hat? Speak up!

*is too a word! Shut up! I have a Master's Degree In Linguistics!


  1. Do you know anyone from St. Louis? Has Nelly ever been to your house?

  2. I don't know! I don't know the answer to either of your questions. Except that the second one is "probably not because it seems like someone would have mentioned that to me on more than one occasion".

    Anyway. I take it it's not your wife's. I didn't really think it would be.

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  4. You could use a bloodhound to help you find the culprit who left the drug dog trading cards on your fridge....