28 July 2010

Listen to those congressmen arguing!

by Cecily
If this bill becomes a law*, maybe it will be easier to find a captioned version of its biopic.**

(click through to the youtube page and then
click underneath the video for a transcript)

*It passed in the House. See 01:58-02:02 of the video for a visual aid about what happens now.
**It won't. Youtube videos aren't covered.

26 July 2010

Happy birthday, limited civil rights

by Cecily
The ADA is 20. Tom Harkin says pretty words, but since Glee has already been signed on for a third season, I don't think we're really winning.

17 July 2010


by Cecily
Abby came over the other night and reminded me of this video.

(warning: probably not safe for small children or those who are prone to nightmares about insects)

by Run Wrake. Via.

*where "fascinate" has its old-timey witchcraft meaning.