27 August 2008

Washington DC's a funny little town

by Cecily
All the important people went to Denver, so the city is full of sad, forlorn left-behinds leaning against buildings and saying halves of sentences about how they should probably go find a television and watch the convention. And sighing.

Not me though. I spend my time watching the convention trying to decide who looks like what movie star and what I would have dressed them all in if I were the Boss of All Outfits.

Also, school started. Kind of. Business Registration was eerily fast; there was no waiting in line and no fighting. Not even a surreptitious rude roll of an eye. I waltzed out to Elizabeth's car and couldn't think of anything to complain about. Not ONE. I think I'm becoming docile in my old age.

I have lots of things to read and then, I suppose, write about. Maybe I'll do that after I finish sketching designs for Halloween costumes for everyone I know.

In the works:
Venus Fly Trap (refurbished and improved)
something dramatic with UV pens and lights
singing bass (or trout) (also I am not so sure about this one)

(Cecily you have to do your homework!)

(Shh! I am busy right now!) okay who needs me to make them a Halloween costume? Call me!


  1. Hey Cecily, Took a quick look from over at unfogged. Glad you're back stateside.

  2. can you make me a super-instantaneous-hyper-transporter-spacesuit so i can time-travel to fun parties with friends in dc and then back to albuquerque in time to finish out my stupid motherloving work conference bullshiz? that would be great, thanks so much.

  3. yeah I'm on it dude. You have to invite me to the fun parties though.