30 May 2009

jiggety jig

by Cecily
Here's what I did yesterday:

automobile: hotel to train
train: Orsay to Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport
plane: CDG to JFK
automobile: JFK to LGA
plane: LGA to DCA
automobile: Washington Reagan International Airport to home

Because of thunderstorms in DC, all my planes out of New York kept getting delayed and cancelled. I was in transit for 24 hours! Now I am sitting on my couch and am never getting up ever again. Somebody bring me some more coffee please.


  1. Here's what I did today:
    Woke up.
    Made pancakes
    Went running
    Played on a boat
    Watching tv...

    You don't need coffee.... you need BEER

  2. EW! Was that transfer to LGA supposed to happen? How was it anyway? Long? Expensive?

  3. No, it was supposed to be a quick and easy flight JFK to DCA. except thunderstorms intervened and then they cancelled many flights and by the time it was my turn the best that could be done was a flight out of LGA.

    it was long, so, so long, I wanted to die it was so long. But did not cost me any ruples.

  4. Also if I could trade bodies with lindsay I would in a half quarter smithereen of a second. Ready Set Go!