16 June 2009

Yes, yes, I am still alive

by Cecily
I totally lied about bloggin all the time, huh? I've been ill again, and I'm going to Mozambique on Friday. These are my excuses. Let's not discuss it again.

Katie and Ryan came over last week so we drank beers and laughed at the cat for a while. Then, to Ryan's limitless delight, Katie and I lectured him and drew him diagrams about linguistics things. Many excellent paper titles came out of the conversation that evening. The winner, by Katie:

"The Little Children Apply Their Brain-Grammars"

Then we watched Planet Earth and learned about some crazy, crazy animals that are out there eating each other.

That's all I got for you right now. Stay tuned for sibling guest posts and pictures of me swimming in the ocean.


  1. say hi to your family for me!! and don't get eaten by a hippo.

  2. I would think of something funny to write here but I'm too busy making WORD TREES!