15 December 2009

But who would bring a SADDLE on an airplane? Come on, Delta. Don't be silly.

by Cecily
I'm getting ready to leave for Missoula, and since Our Dear Overlords keep changing up the rules for air travel, I went online to see what I could see.

It turns out that if you want to check any "Fragile/bulky items" on a Delta flight, you have to tell an official ahead of time.

Well, this seems reasonable! (I may or may not have said to myself,) But I wonder what type of item would fit into this somewhat vague category? Never fear; Delta has a handy list of examples of fragile and/or bulky items:

- saddle
- antlers
- Hawaiian pineapples
- military duffle bags

as well as a more comprehensive list including

- Ornamental Bric-a-Brac


- Meters

both of which are a little confusing to me: the first seems extremely unhelpful as the name of an "item", and the second, I have no idea what the referent might be. Parking meters? Yardsticks?

Anyway, I'm hoping if I stick the Hawaiian pineapples on the antler points, and then stick the whole thing into the military duffle bag, I can get away with a single charge.


  1. uh...A LOT of people bring saddles on airplanes. Google it, there are whole forums devoted to how to best travel with your saddle. I'm a horseback rider and college student who sometimes needs to bring my saddle home. People flying between home barns and the winter circuit, or who fly to try horses do too.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks so much for the informative comment! I probably won't "google it" right now, and I'm not really into reading forums about traveling with a saddle, but I'm sure if I have any more questions about it you'll be happy to answer them for me. Do you also have helpful advice about traveling with antlers, pineapples, and Ornamental Bric-a-Brac?