14 December 2009

three's the charm, right?

by Cecily
Elizabeth got some kittens:

which is sparking all kinds of ill-advised wishes and plans in me. We already have two cats, and they hate each other. They really hate each other. They've lived together for 4 years, with no signs that the hatred is abating.

So my theory is, we should get a helpless baby kitten to melt their somewhat-disordered adult cat thinking, and then we will all be a cuddly happy family. Except first I'll probably borrow one of Elizabeth's kittens to make sure that Small can tell the difference between a baby kitten and a baby rabbit, because she will totally kill a baby rabbit and leave it on the floor of my room for a present. And that would ruin the cuddly happy family vibe that I'm going for, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway I've been spending all my time sitting around at Elizabeth's constructing cat toys out of paper and ignoring my responsibilities. Next stop: the Frozen North. Hasta.


  1. So, it would be OK if Small brings a borrowed kitten to you as a present?

  2. Definitely. As long as I haven't had a chance to get emotionally attached to it. Speaking of which, I should probably get on the ball and do this all while Elizabeth's out of town next week, in case she has any crazy unfounded objections to the plan.