07 December 2006


by Cecily
Well I'm in Brazil. It is very pretty and the coffee is delicious. The keyboard is a tiny bit different but it's enough to make typing things tedious. And we all know how I feel about tediousness*, so I probably won't type that many things on the internet.

I am in the city of Florianopolis on the island of Santa Catarina. It's kind of rainy around here but warm and summery. And also there are lots of Christmas decorations which is disorienting for me.

My conference is very interesting and I am practicing all kinds of languages, but mostly I am practicing spelling things in British Sign Language which is tricky but fun. Also I learned how to say "coffee", "milk", "sugar", "yes" and "no" in Brazilian Sign Language, which are mostly the only words I really need. As soon as I learn "beer" I will be all set.

*I am opposed to it.

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