19 December 2006

planes, trains and automobiles

by Cecily
except really it's just planes, planes, and then some more planes. I just realized that due to dumb planning on my part, I am spending an entire month where I am never in one place for more than five days. That started on December 4th: I was in Florianopolis for 4 days and then at the beach for 4 days. Now I'm in DC for 5 days. Tomorrow I leave for Minneapolis, for 4 days, and then Missoula for 5 days and then Minneapolis again for 4 more days.

I'm feeling kind of panicky about it all, I would like to just take a nap now. Or a bath! But I can't take a bath, because it hurts my sunburn too much.

This is the worst sunburn ever. On my back. It is from one whole week ago and it is now all disgusting and peeling all over me and sometimes bleeding a little bit. Was that more information than you really wanted? Sorry. At least you don't have to look at it and feel it like I make all my real-life friends do.

Anyway. Do you live in Minnesota? Call me! I'm coming to see you tomorrow!

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