22 October 2005

Enrichment Day

by Cecily
We didn't have any classes at my school last Tuesday, because it was Enrichment Day. That is because there are no real holidays on Tuesdays and they have to balance out the classes. Some enriching activities (including free lunch) happened on campus, but I did not attend. I had my own private enrichment day, which included having lunch at the Sculpture Garden with my uncle, drinking coffee, and reading. My day also involved one very delicious kind of enrichment, and its name is Birthday Cake

I have made some fancy cakes before, but this one is the hands down winner so far. I think it is because I used its weight in frosting to glue it all together.

It was a cake for Julie, and she liked it.

but the best part is how deceptively pink and white the outside is. Because really, it looks like this!

That was a fun and tasty project. I love enrichment day!

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