21 December 2005

Mighty Morpheme Power Rangers

by Cecily
Remember a long time ago when I said I was constantly thinking of fun but useless projects? Well I really made the one that was the cartoon of Power Rangers. And here it is! You have to click on the strips to make them big enough to read, unless you have super crazy vision powers.

Also, some of the jokes are not very funny unless you are in grad school for linguistics, like I am. But since I only really care about entertaining myself, it won't bother me too much if you don't laugh uproariously. Because I certainly am. Laughing uproariously.

linguistics cartoon, strip oned
linguistics cartoon, strip twod
linguistics cartoon, strip threed
linguistics cartoon, strip fourd
linguistics cartoon, strip fived


  1. I thought of this pun today, and thought, Surely someone on the internet had done this! So glad I found it! Very funny, although I am not so far along in Linguistics to get half of the jokes.

  2. Could I use one of your comics in a presentation? I'm doing a short project on morphemes and I'd love to use this in my powerpoint!

    1. Hi Ginny- sure, go ahead! Cite me as Cecily Whitworth. Thanks!