21 July 2006

home stretch

by Cecily
I went over to the school yesterday for a going-away party for me. There was no Fanta this time. Once was enough of the Fanta adventuring. It was not quite as exciting, without all the Fanta, but it was still as much fun. Although some parts of it were kind of weird.

First we all sat around and talked. Then the head nun told one of the kids to start drumming and some other kids to start dancing. We were all sitting on benches in a big circle on the playground, and one kid at a time would go into the middle of the circle and show off. Mostly only the little ones were doing this. Some of them were doing Rwandan dance moves but most of them were doing MTV-style dance moves. Some like from boy bands, some like Britney Spears, and one really good Michael Jackson moonwalking routine.

Then, the older kids did some skits for me. They were of bible verses. The first one was the Good Samaritan and the second one was about how Jesus teaches the little children to say Our Father and makes the blind see and the deaf hear.

That was a little strange. But all of the students were very hammy and melodramatic so even while it was strange, it was extremely funny.

Then some big girls did a dance. Then they made me dance with them. Then there was a dance party. Everybody danced! Even the nuns. All of us were bouncing around and twirling each other and doing Rwandan and Britney and MJ dance moves, while another nun played a very loud big drum. That was pretty great. And sweaty. But mostly great.


Now I am in my final two days and I'm starting to get all panicky about travelling.

I really hate leaving places. Once I am at the airport or in the car or whatever, then I'm fine. But the building-up part where I am supposed to be doing all kinds of constructive things, that really stresses me out. And my reaction to stress is generally to really want to take a nap all the time. I'll deal with it later! Not conducive to packing.

But, I am mostly packed now. Everything is crammed into my two gigantic suitcases. I'm sure when I arrive, all of my belongings will be covered in coffee and tea, because by the end of the packing I hated it so much I stopped wrapping things carefully in plastic and instead just shoved things into wherever they would fit. Whatever. Both of those things smell good.

P. S. If anyone in D. C. was really desperately hoping they could pick me up at Dulles on Monday morning, do I have a treat for you! Email me.

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