23 June 2007


by Cecily
I was out for dinner last night (a delicious dinner that I ate way too much of) with my family, when my uncle said in an accusing manner "why don't you ever update your blog? I look at it EVERY DAY and there's NOTHING THERE."

So then I took some pictures of my uncle and my mother with my mobile cell phone text internet camera device. All of the pictures turned out terribly but I don't want to be known as the kind of girl who makes empty threats so here is one of them, anyway:

family members at dinner

Let that be a warning to anyone else who feels the urge to tell me I don't post enough posts: I may retaliate with a badly lit, blurry photograph of YOU!

In reality, my mother actually has a face.

So, my brother is some kind of nationally recognized child genius and the government flew him into to Our Nation's Capital for the week so he can hobnob with all the other child geniuses from around the USA. And my mom and stepdad tagged along for the ride, I think because they are worried that my brother will say something totally uncalled for to some government official and be arrested and everyone will have to devote a lot of time to getting him released from prison in time to start college in the fall.

Anyway, I haven't even seen my brother yet because he is too important for the likes of me, but maybe I'll see him from a distance or something before he goes back to Montana.

And that is all I have to share, for the moment. See you.

**P. S. how do you write "uncalled for" anyway? un-called-for? un- called for? Hmm.

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