09 July 2007

Red Tape

by Cecily
Team Gallaudet: If we refuse to assist the students, maybe they will quit whining and go bother someone else*

I'm in a pretty cranky mood today.

For one thing, it's 98 degrees outside. For real. That is too hot.

For another thing, I'm once again involved in a lengthy and extremely dispiriting battle with Gallaudet officials. This time it's more or less with the Registrar's office. The story is long and it just keeps getting longer, and it is tedious and asinine and full of me being angry and other people being unhelpful. It's pretty much the same as all my other stories about trying to get anything accomplished at this school.

Why, yes, I would love some cheese to go with that. Thanks so much!

*via despair.com's DIY motivator generator


  1. *groans* So how is Gallaudet screwing you over today, Cecily? *groans again*

    Why is it so easy to accomplish the frivolous at Gallaudet but so hard to do anything of importance?

  2. yes. There is a lot of groaning going on around here.

    maybe you will go to the Pour House tonight and I can tell you all about it?

  3. love the motivational poster!

    so *that* explains gallaudet's sinister motivations... lack of motivation!