02 July 2009

Oh internet, I missed you so

by Cecily
We spent the past five days at Kruger National Park, just over the border in South Africa. The same Kruger as in this famous piece of internet:

We didn't see anything quite as exciting as this. We did see lions and water buffalo and crocodiles, but not all at once and not doing their behaviors in such a dramatic way. Also there were a lot of warthogs and hippopotomi and elephants and monkeys and baboons and guinea fowl and kudu and impala. And so many birds.

My favorites were the little baby warthog piglets. My least favorites were the Go-away birds, who sat in the tree over the deck and screamed at me and threw things at my head. Until eventually I went away to drink my beer and glare at them scornfully from a safer vantage point.

Now we're back in Maputo; pictures eventually.


  1. In Junie B. Jones, at one point, one of these fauna is referred to as a hippo-pot-of-something.