16 March 2010

the whole wide world is a tiny town full of tiny ideas

by Cecily
Last week, I graded exams and wrote feedback for projects and defended my proposal and calculated midterms and DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO READ THE INTERNET.

This week, I am working on this project:

Tiny Town House

It has two stories! the second story is made of wood so that it can support small people sitting on it. My plan for it involves pink duct tape, turquoise duct tape, a few minor structural additions, and nailing the rear wall to the railing on the back porch.

Next up: sewing dress shirts. OR making a toy turtle out of felt and fabric. OR entering all my sources in BibDesk so I don't have to do it later. OR something else. The future is full of possibilities!


  1. EndNote is better. But certainly castles on porches are better-er!

  2. yes, but BibDesk is much free-er.