06 April 2010

Well, this is the most horrifying thing I've seen for quite some time.

by Cecily
WikiLeaks has decrypted and released a video in which a number of civilians, including Reuters journalists, are killed by the US military in an unprovoked attack. The video embedded here is 17 minutes long, has captions, and is extremely difficult to watch.


Update: Still more @ the WaPo, and even more (via Spencer)


  1. what's even more horrendous (but expected) is it's not even mentioned on the fox news website.

    but at least the BBC has it on theirs with the full video...


  2. Colbert interviewed the guy from Wiki Leaks last week and was really aggressive towards him... kind of troubling.

    I honestly can't believe this video.

    On a lighter note, happy birthday! Hope you got my text. Miss you bunches!