05 September 2010

Dear internet,

by Cecily
Oh, hello.

This semester may well be the death of me. I am doing way too much of some things, and not nearly enough of other things. The first category doesn't really include anything I think anyone wants to hear very much about. The second category includes everything that is nice and good.

So far, it has been this semester for one (1) week. Maybe after some other weeks pass by, I will get a better attitude and think of something funny to tell you about.

your friend,


  1. Some of us would like to hear about these things that are occupying your time.

  2. Oh, yeah? Like who for example?

  3. Yer dad, fer example.

  4. I suspected that might be one of them.

    Mostly, I'm just teaching a lot of classes and doing a lot of boring dissertation work and then doing a lot of sleeping 'cause I'm tired. But I think I'll get into a routine that allows for more excitement and fun, soon.

    Plus Lindsay's coming to visit. Maybe we'll make a vlog.