30 July 2011

Mutatis Mutandis

by Cecily

It's not the worst weekend to be moving, but it's less pleasant than if it were October. Or Montana.

Now up: Dissertation. On deck: The West.


  1. my dear cecily, it's been far too long! where are you moving?? how are you?? i really need to check bogs more often. i'm easily distracted. i miss you. hope you're doing well!?! xo

  2. *blogs (but you knew that already)

  3. You should probably check bogs more often too, just to be safe. Who knows what's in there.

    I'm moving to Cleveland Park now, and then Montana in November. How are you guys?

  4. We're good. Sad summer is almost over. Olive, Brian and I will all be back in school next week (I may finally finish my degree at Gallaudet after all). Maine is lovely, of except for that pesky tropical storm coming through tomorrow. It must be hitting you guys just about now? My brother is in NYC having Party Irene. Ah, the good ol' days, when you could party in the name of a storm.