13 May 2012

Weather report

by Cecily
Oh hey internet. Where you been, you slacker? I haven't seen you in ages!

I'm in Cleveland. I'm en route from DC to MT: today was Day One of a projected Six Day Road Trip. DC was hot when I left. Maryland was lovely. Pennsylvania was rough going (full of rain and irritating other drivers) but as soon as I crossed over into Ohio everything was lovely again.

My truck is holding up quite nicely, thank you for asking, and I'll politely pretend I didn't notice the incredulity leavened by disapproval at my choice of conveyance. That truck is a tough old lady!

Tougher than the cat, at any rate. The cat (also doing fine, overall) spent the first hour yowling and the rest of the hours sulking with her face in a blanket with sporadic additional yowls and glares. Whatever, I turned my hearing aids off and she seems to have forgiven me now so she can yowl and glare all she wants tomorrow too. Maybe by Tuesday she'll have gotten used to the routine.

Okay, see you in another 3 months! Just kidding. Maybe.

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