23 May 2016

Quilts of Recent Years: an incomplete catalogue

by Cecily
Remember those prism quilts I was making before?

I made some more of those.

Then I made some baby quilts out of a lot of squares:


And some bigger quilts with squares and rectangles and birds*:

And now I'm working on some circles.

*I've been using a lot of shot cottons**, which are super fantastically nice to look at and super fantastically difficult to photograph. Light quality and postproduction aside, even. The two bird quilts use almost exclusively the same fabric palette but you'd never know from the pictures.

Here's a 9-square piece of an unfinished project.

That's four photos of the same piece, which is made out of 9 squares of the same fabric. (Galvenized Sandstone is the name of it. I'm going to make myself a duvet cover out of this eventually.)

**Mainly these. Also now I have a notebook full of carefully curated shot cotton scraps, with warps and wefts exposed, because I kept accidentally ordering more of the wrong thing.

So if you need help selecting exactly the right shot cotton for whatever you're doing today, I'm your man.

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