28 November 2005

heavy cloud no rain

by Cecily
The problem is not actually the weather. The problem is my muddled psychological reaction to said weather. Regardless, about a month ago, Washington, DC turned into Portland, OR.

It's all in my head, I realize this- I'm in school again so I only notice the insanely cloudy weather. Saturday, for example, was lovely. Sunny, clear, not a cloud in the sky. That day went in one ear and out the other (I'll give a dollar to whoever can think of a better metaphor for that. It shouldn't be hard.)

Weather is like astrology; you only remember it when it fits your preconceptions.

Anyway now it's all cloudy again, the same way it was cloudy for FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS when I was an undergrad. This is my memory of college: uninterrupted dreariness. Back then I would usually go to the library or the computer lab all day every day so the weather of the outside world didn't really impact my existance. Now I do all my homework in my house, and I can tell how cloudy it is because my house has windows.

I get really irritated when it's cloudy and it doesn't rain. Minnesota spoiled me or something. In the midwest, the sky gets overcast, electric tension builds in the air, there is a tremendous thunder and lightning storm, and then it's over. When it rains, you actually need an umbrella.

Which, living in Portland made me incapable of using. Umbrellas are for wussies. Now I see people wandering around in the barely-even-drizzling Washington "winter," wrapped up in five scarves and gigantic pink overcoats and carrying umbrellas and STILL they hesitate in the doorway because their fancy Washington suit might melt if it gets a drop on it.

And since I am from Montana, I pretty much despise people who wear suits, or who live in Washington, or who allow any form of weather to have any effect on their activity.

As it turns out, I am impossible to please. Who knew?

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  1. cecily has numerous friends who live/have lived in Washington and wear suits. She likes them just fine. Or at least as much as she likes anyone else.