14 February 2007

hearts and bones

by Cecily
Do you know what an ossuary is? It is a place where you keep human bones. Or, in the case of some very cheerful people, it is a place MADE OF human bones. Like this:

the inside of the ossuary at Kostnice; an ossuary is a building made out of human bones.  Human bones!
(click the picture for a big-sized picture of the scary church)
(click on these words to go to the website of the person who took the picture of the scary church)

This is a church in Sedlec. Sedlec is a suburb of Kutná Hora. Kutná Hora is a town in the Czech Republic.

The Czech word for "ossuary" is "kostnice". The official website for the Kostnice Sedlec is here:

screenshot of the official website
(click the picture to be taken to the official Kostnice Sedlec website!)

I have two favorite things about this website. No, three favorite things.

1. The option icons are little skulls

2. There is a virtual tour option! It makes me kind of dizzy.

3. There is a long description of how many people have their bones in this place (40,000!) and what all the best shapes are that are made out of the bones (the bell shape). At the end of the description, it says "Thank you very much for your visit and best wishes for a pleasant stay in our country."

Happy Valentine's Day!

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