27 February 2007

is it time for a nap?

by Cecily
Yes, please.

Besides classes, I am working at the Gallaudet University Press, reading some stuff and editing some stuff and writing some letters to authors. Etc.

Also I am being a graduate assistant to a big project based at Gallaudet- a Science of Learning Center, through an NSF grant. The Visual Language and Visual Learning one, or VL2. That 2 is supposed to be "squared" (because there are two iterations of VL in the acronym of that name) but I don't know how to make superscript characters on the internet. For this my job is reading stuff and looking stuff up and summarizing stuff.

I am currently working on these projects:

1. Iconicity and depiction in language (for VL2)
2. Phonological process in Italian Sign Language (for field methods class)
3. Handshape frequency in tactile ASL (for sociolinguistics class)
4. Constructions of deafness as culture vs. disability ("Languages and Cultures" class)
5. Phonology in Rwandan Sign Language (independent study)
6. Pilot dictionary of Rwandan Sign Language (because I said I would)

Plus I have another big crazy test at the end of March. The same idea as last year, only this time with more things in it. Also this year I don't have an exciting trip to Minnesota planned for that weekend.

All of these things are pretty interesting, and I mostly get to invent for myself when I do them. So I can do them in my pajamas while I drink coffee all day, if I want to.*

But, still, I feel very whiny and overwhelmed by it all. Send me presents in the mail!

*I usually do.

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