28 April 2007

1 week

by Cecily
Hello internet! I don't have much time to tell you anything interesting right now, because I have to finish writing a paper about phonological processes in handshape assimilation for Italian Sign Language, but soon enough I am going to have a LOT of interesting things to say, and also a lot of time to say them in.

Because...It's my last week of school! Monday is the last day of classes and then I have a couple of other projects to turn in during the week. Then after that, I will be FINISHED at least for the summer and everyone will have to call me Master Cecily all the time* or I won't do what you tell me to.**

Also! Soon, I am going to be famous in new and exciting ways! I signed up to be on a team for the 48 Hour Film Project competition next weekend, May 4-6. This is the main guy's website. I am going to be the boss of the costumes, and I am extremely excited about this. Stay tuned for lots of very excellent, very last-minute costume designing awesomeness.


*This is a trait that runs in my family. One time when my cousin Jamie was two, he decided his new name was Bus Stop and he would not respond appropriately to anyone who referred to him as anything else. Eventually it wore off, much to my regret.

**In all honesty, I may not do it anyway. I'm just saying.

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