01 April 2007


by Cecily
In honor of April Fools' Day, I am spending the entire day in my room doing homework. And that is not even an April Fools' joke. It would have been hilarious if I started out by saying how I cleaned up my room and got all my papers organized, but it's too late now. Plus I'm pretty sure no one would believe me anyway.

I looked up "April Fools' Day" on Wikipedia to make sure I was punctuating that correctly. How many fools are there? Is it posessive or descriptive? Inquiring minds must know!

Anyway, Wikipedia sternly told me that Editing of this article by unregistered or newly registered users is currently disabled because of potential vandalism due to the fact that it is April Fools' Day. I'm not sure why I think that is so entertaining. We all know that it doesn't take much, though, for me to be entertained.

It's cold and cloudy around here which I guess is good incentive for me to stay inside and focus on important things. But I don't really like it anyway. I would prefer for it to be very warm and sunny, and also Friday, and also I don't have any homework and I do have a lot of ice cream and beer. And maybe some sidewalk chalk.

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    i'm sorry to be tardy. you were on my mind this week, and I'm glad to see you had a party.

    I miss you!

    love, vanessa d. carlisle
    aka works-too-much-mcgee