12 January 2008

Fumbling for wordity

by Cecily
I'm on vacation, still, so I can rarely be bothered to get off the couch for any reason other than to refill my coffee cup or find more bonbons, and that's why you never hear from me lately.

Well, technically I'm on vacation, in that the semester has yet to begin. But also technically I have many projects upcoming that I technically should probably be working on right now instead of saying what is technically wishful thinking about bonbons to the internet. Technically.

I'm putting together a presentation for a conference in March, in which my subject matter is personal narrative and the case study examines one particular personal narrative about the 18-year-old subject's experience ten years earlier in the Rwandan genocide. I have to read lots of things about discourse analysis and whatnot, because usually I only ever talk about phonetic features and I'm slightly out of my league here. And I also have to read lots of stuff about genocides, because, well, you just do.

Since this can be a little emotionally trying at times, I spell myself with times of working on a different presentation for a different conference which involves a ridiculously adorable 2-year-old talking about (usually) fire trucks and/or cookies.

Anyway, because I have very little control over any of my numerous internal dialogues, one thing that is totally inappropriate and WILL NOT GO AWAY keeps playing over and over in the back of my mind as I work on my work, and it is this sentence:

They call it genocide, people. Put that in your laputaters.

Get back to work!


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