22 January 2008

Me vs. Team Gallaudet: Episode XXIV

by Cecily
in which, anticlimactically, no tantrums are had and neither blood nor tears are shed.

Today was Business Registration Day again, my least favorite day of the semester and a day on which I generally end up either near (or in) tears or in a state of incoherent, trembling fury.

Today, though! Today was good! I spent half an hour in a line, and got my sticker, and was on my very merry way. I was next to an interpreting student friend in line and we small talked about whether or not she should have a costume party wedding celebration. (I voted yes.) Then I had extremely affable interactions with two people behind the scary counter. And then I was out the door!

So, best Business Registration Day yet.

I only have classes on Wednesdays, this semester. I look forward to many hours of sitting in coffee shops and bars on every other day of the week. I really don't consider a paper complete until it has had a beverage of some type spilled on it. For this I blame my undergraduate advisor, who had a similar system for grading. I was always getting essays about Saint Simeon and his desert platform returned to me with whiskey-ring stains and a note about what did I expect since the ATLA conference that weekend was at Disneyland.

I miss Reed.

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