05 February 2008


by Cecily
For a while last month, Big Bear had a blackboard up, amidst all their menus and specials and Single Origin Coffees Made to Order Press Pot!s, which said:

Cuteness Primary

Lana made people vote before she would let them have coffee, which if you ask me is a good way to increase turnout.

Meanwhile (and this is related, so please be patient with my narrative stylings), last Thanksgiving my mom had a new book and a new fun activity. The book was this:

book cover of 'Fleece Dog' by Sinco

and the fun activity was belly dancing.

Ha, ha. Just kidding! The fun activity was making tiny felt animals out of raw wool. Like these ones, which were made at my explicit command. I mean, my very politely-phrased request. (I'm not bossy! YOU'RE bossy! Leave me alone.)

tiny felt fox and hedgehog

Okay, so, clearly this is an adorable way to spend time. You take some fluff and then you stab it a lot with a felting needle. Felting needles look like normal needles, but be careful! They have barbs at the end and if you (for example) stabbed yourself in the thumb it would hurt a lot! And you would probably get blood all over your fleece project.

Now! Back to the cuteness primary and the fight about bears.** Because this all happened back in the days of January when I was spending all my time on the couch eating bon-bons, it occurred to me that I might contribute to the primary by way of making tiny felt mascots for each category. I only stabbed myself once and I didn't get any blood on them.

tiny felt panda bear

tiny felt polar bear

tiny felt koala

tiny felt man

Verdict: adorable, but dangerous. Much like their real-life counterparts. (Except for Stu, who is not very dangerous unless you are allergic to whisky.)

Oh also, the winner: koala.

*Stu is not a bear, but he (I think) represented the cafe. Also, he is very cute, it is true.

**I am well aware that a koala is not a bear. I made this point several times, at varying volumes, but no one was impressed.

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  1. Awww! I have to say, those animals are very cute.

    You may be wondering who the hell I am and how I landed on your blog. Well, I'm a friend of Vanessa Browder's from graduate school (University of Chicago). And I am, for the time being, stuck in DC, a city that has left me less than impressed. As such, Vanessa pointed me in your direction, telling me that you are similarly unimpressed with our nation's capitol. So, with that in mind . . . are you showing your art anytime soon? I'd definitely be up for seeing some; as a jazz/pop composer, I have found that this town is severely culturally lacking (well, except for the uptight common practice stuff. Boooooooring). So, if you've got any art openings coming up, lemme know!

    -Ari F. Lauren