25 February 2008

I miss Vincent D'Onofrio

by Cecily
I spend way too many hours a day sitting around doing things on a computer, and not nearly enough hours a day watching Law & Order. It's very hard.

Currently I'm working on the presentation about genocide narrative I mentioned before (for GURT, are you going? come see me!).

Also I'm working on a fun project for VL2 that involves making movies. I'm designing elicitation materials and I love bossing people around so this has been a great way for me to spend time. "Okay now blow on the match, but don't blow it out. Okay now blow it out. Okay now put sugar in your tea. Taste it. More sugar!" The best part was the 20 minutes we spent filming attempts to throw crumpled-up paper into the wastebasket from various distances. Mostly because of all the people who walked past and raised their eyebrows at me in a meaningful and not-particularly-approving way. "Cecily NOW what are you doing? And why have you dragged these other people into it?" "It's linguistics, I swear! Okay now throw the blue paper, but miss on purpose, but not by too much."

Plus always the adorable two-year-old is fun. An endearing habit he has: responding to almost everything not patently false with a pause for consideration, then "yes, right."

him (pointing at a car): car!
me: yeah, it's a red car
him: (pause, serious look, smile) yes, right.

It's nice to have this kind of constant positive reinforcement.

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